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  • Our business was established to give individuals, homeowners, and small businesses an alternative to shredding their important documents on those small personal shredders.

  • Shredding at home can be very time consuming and makes a mess. We don't feel it's safe to hand your personal information over to Strangers at those other shredding services.

  • When it comes to your personal information, no one should have access to it except yourself.

  • In 2008 there were over 10 million victims of identity theft in the United States.
  • The average victim spends 330 hours repairing the damage done by ID theft.
  • On average, victims lose between $851 -$1,378 repairing the damage done by ID theft.
  • 38-48% discover someone stole their identity within three months, while 9-18% of victims don't learn that their identity has been stolen for four or more years.

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe/secure option for document destruction.

  • To help reduce the chance of identity theft.

  • To recycle a reusable product.